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Whether you're planning a work Christmas Party or corporate event, our unique venue packed with fun entertainment will have your guests raving!


Located in one of Tauranga Airports finest airside  hangars, The Aviator Experience has created an immersive Military Aviation atmosphere that will make your guests say 'wow'!

Outside the main hangar door is a spectacular view of Tauranga Airport that provides a stunning backdrop to any event with some real runway action to watch. 

Our Military Flight Simulators provide exciting entertainment for 10 to 60 guests, getting men and women, young and old in the mood for a fun filled event.  

Talk to us about how we can make your special event an unforgettable one.

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what people are saying

"This is a must do for everyone. So much fun and challenging too! Lots of laughs and wonderful hospitality from the team there - thankyou! The view from the hanger across the runway was amazing, and to eat and drink outside at sunset with friends and the crew was another highlight. Great venue and activities for team and/or special events." Rose, Feb 2020

"We went down to The Aviator for a group party and had the best time! Along with the super cool flight simulators where you can fly on your own or battle out your friends in the simulators next to you they also have epic location!!! The roller door of the hanger opens up right onto the airfield which has THE COOLEST view!! Especially in the evening, it was the perfect spot for our work do bbq!" - Sweet D, Nov 2019

"Was such an awesome and different activity for our crew's mid year function. So realistic and well themed. Highly recommend for your next team event." - The Glass Guys / Rotorua, July 2020


142 Aerodrome Rd,

Air Side Hangar 7,

Tauranga Airport,

Mount Maunganui

Phone: 07 220 9622


Thursday - Sunday

10am - 5pm


Evenings and other times 

available by arrangement.


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