At The Aviator Experience you’ll experience something amazing.  You’ll be taken into the world of military aviation with Virtual Reality and be in control of some of the most iconic aircraft ever built.

Our flight simulators have been designed to completely immerse you into an incredibly realistic military flying environment.  Kitted out in a flight suit, you’ll climb into your cockpit and strap into the ejection seat.

The immersion begins.

Put on your VR Headset and you are mission-ready; transported into a virtual 3D cockpit of the military aircraft you choose. Look over your shoulder and you’ll see your wing flaps repositioning as you move the stick. Look behind you and see the tail rudder moving left and right when you test the pedals. The aircraft detail is incredible and the scenery stunning.

The replica throttle and control stick feel just like the real thing in your hands.  You are now sitting in the cockpit of a military aircraft – or so your mind believes.

You’ll experience the thrill of the sound, speed and power of a Fighter Jet or WW2 Warbird, made even more exciting with The Aviator Experience Full 6 Axis of Motion F-18 Simulator.  The only one of its kind available for public use.


Military flying is all about fast and furious manoeuvres to shoot down, or outrun, the enemy.

Challenge your mates or family to a dog fight in air to air combat, or fly as a team taking on computer controlled enemy aircraft.  We also cater for corporate events if you’d like to have a go at shooting down your boss – you know you want to!

Air to Air Combat isn’t the only flying we offer. You can also test your skills with…

  • Air to Ground Combat – try hitting a tank with a maverick. Yes, they do shoot back.
  • Air to Air Refuelling – as difficult as herding cats. Really.
  • Aerobatic Manoeuvres – like a roller coaster with wings.
  • Carrier Take Offs and Landings – awesome in the full motion sim!
  • Runway Take Offs and Landings – not an easy task in a Spitfire.
  • Formation Flying – do you trust your wingman not to ‘trade paint’?
  • Nap of the Earth Flying– check out the link if you aren’t sure what this is!

Whichever way you choose, this is as real as military flying gets without actually going to war.

In preparation for Air to Air Combat we highly recommend a prior combat flight training session with one of our experts to hone your skills – or you’ll be the first kill instead of making it.


If you’re a qualified or budding pilot, there is no doubt that flying in our simulators will help your real world flying. 

The flight dynamics and systems are accurately modelled to almost 100% of the actual aircraft.  If you can master something in the simulator, chances are you’ll be just as good in the real thing.

Numerous pilots, including ex RNZAF Skyhawk Pilots, Commercial Airline Captains and Helicopter Flight Instructors have flown in our simulators. They have all been extremely impressed with the realism and depth that our simulators provide.

So, step into one of our amazing aircraft and complete a few circuits, practice aerobatics in a Spitfire, or try something a little bit dangerous you’d never do in a real aircraft.  You’re safely on the ground, so the sky isn’t the limit.

The way of future flight training? We think so.


  •   WOW! Craig and Anita have an expert operation with an upmarket layout in a fully operational hanger at the airport. The simulators themselves are extremely realistic in presentation and operation. I partook on this day in the full motion F18 experience and once setup in...More

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      Have you ever experienced taking off from or landed a combat aircraft on an aircraft carrier at sea ? No, well now is your chance !! This flight simulator experience is a must to visit when in the Tauranga / Mount Maunganui area.Far from your...More

    thumb Sutton58

      Awesome time and experience, the crew are exceptionally friendly and kind, it is professionally done and very well organised, would recommend to anyone, easy 10/10

    thumb MelBrick
  •   Went with a group as a Father & Son activity, travelled all the way from Auckland and happy to say we had a blast! The Staff had a wealth of knowledge about all the craft & were side by side with us offering tips &...More

    thumb AzzaOnTour

      I purchased the F18 jet fighter experience for my wife's birthday gift knowing that she enjoys a bit of adventure without to much risk or terror involved. Well, what an absolute blast we both had, it was amazing being able to share what she was...More

    thumb 151Sunseeker67

      Wasn't sure what to expect when first arriving as this is such a new emerging industry of Virtual Reality, safe to say I left feeling inspired and confident Tauranga now has some next level entertainment locations! The time and attention to detail is amazing!

    thumb Sightseer29929590428
  •   The most exhilirating Flight experience that I could ever imagine. A true "Pilot " experience from the moment that I got strapped into the F18 Hornet ejection seat. The incredible highly detailed Cockpit as well as Virtual Reality scenery will overwhelm from the "Rookie" to...More

    thumb jeffdouglas1000

      As a commercial airline pilot, I can say with complete honesty, this experience was as real as you could had me sweating in the seat! Cannot wait to get back and do it again, and again after that. Craig is a great guy, very...More

    thumb X6530FJmattw

      Absolutely breathtaking, high adrenaline, out of this world experience. a must do in Mount Maunganui. You have to have a go!

    thumb NZSnooksy
  •   I often take my family here as Craig is so welcoming and engaging that he adds so much value to the whole experience. All of the VR simulators are of the highest quality which makes the flying all that much more enjoyable. The new full...More

    thumb Climber22462542893

      Amazing time flying a variety of planes, so realistic is was scary at points looking around while flying. At one stage I was searching around for the Red Baron on my tail in dogfight mode and got shot out of the sky and had to...More

    thumb Passenger57770678836

      Amazing experience- could have been real. Lucky no-one was recording cos I certainly let out a few yelps! Managed a couple of spins as well. Well worth the money and a great experience.

    thumb Delissomo

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