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The Aviator Experience has created something quite special. With our simulators, we take you into the world of aviation with Virtual Reality and put you in control of the most iconic aircraft ever built.

Our flight simulators have been designed to immerse you into the flying environment. As you sit down in our Ejection Seats and strap in, the immersion becomes Reality.

By putting-on our VR Headsets, you’ll be mission-ready and transported into a virtual 3D cockpit of any aircraft you choose.

You will experience what it is like to be in a cockpit of a Real Fighter Jet or Airplane.

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Immersive Flight Simulator Experience

There is no doubt that flying in our simulators will help your real world flying. Many “Real-World” pilots have flown in our simulators and have complimented the realism and depth to which the simulator takes you. The way of future flight training? We believe so.

If you a pilot and you are not feeling current,  step into one of our amazing aircraft and complete a few Circuits (Touch and Go’s) or fly some aerobatics in our WW2 Warbirds. The sky is… isn’t the limit.

Simulated training could be hugely beneficial to you especially if you want to keep up your Hand and Eye co-ordination with something a little bit different.


Our two flight simulators allow you to challenge your mates in air to air combat, or fly as a team taking on computer controlled enemy aircraft.

Whichever way you choose, this is as real as it gets without actually going to war. Although we can’t be held responsible for what happens afterward when one leaves victorious.

The systems and flight dynamics and systems are accurately modelled to almost 100% of the actual aircraft. We highly recommend a practice session with some pre-flight training to hone your combat skills before going to war with your mates.

Then it’s– “Fights On!”


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F4 Phantom


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