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The Aviator Experience

NZ's Ultimate Military
Flight Simulator Mancave
since 2017


Family Friendly Viewing

Dogfight your friends

with six simulators all linked for amazing fun


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Individual Missions

A huge range of individual or co-op missions available to test even real world military pilots.

Whether it's
WWII or Fast Jets

Our new location now open in Thames.

Six military style simulators flying up to 16 different aircraft and helicopters.

Your friends and family can join in the fun by watching.


Awards and Reviews

"I'm a bit of WW2 enthusiast so bought myself and the old man a flight in the new Spitfire flight simulator. There is something quite impressive about climbing into a fully modelled cockpit that provides a sensation of realism over and above just wearing a VR headset. The level of realism of the DCS flight software is out of this world also."

Mark W | Trip Advisor April 2021

WOW! Having flown flight simulators since the ZX Spectrum Psion Flight Simulator and dabbling in real flying in Australia over 20 years ago I treated myself to The Aviator Experience and their Spitfire Simulator.

Mark L | Trip Advisor March 2021

"A professional pilot and self confessed aviation nut, I loved my recent visit to the Aviator Experience. I flew several different combat missions in the Spitfire and also low level flying in the mountains in the F18 simulator. The combination of the VR headset and the physical cockpit make flying both very immersive, realistic and extremely addictive activities. Craig is an excellent host and coach and I highly recommend this for anyone, but particularly those with a love of aviation."

Matt S | Trip Advisor | March 2021

Matt S | Trip Advisor | March 2021

Matt S | Trip Advisor | March 2021

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