This flight simulator is simply mind blowing.

If you want to experience the most realistic F-18 flight simulator experience available to the public anywhere, you NEED to try this.

 The cockpit has been fabricated to replicate a real F-18 Hornet jet as closely as possible, complete with an instrument panel you won’t believe is just for show.  You’ll feel like you are really climbing into the ejection seat of one of these incredible planes, and when you put the VR headset on, you’ll see the same cockpit in Virtual Reality.

 The surround sound envelopes you and completes the magic of this astounding flight simulation, tricking your brain into feeling like you are 8000 feet up, or skimming the mountains and weaving through the valleys.

With the Six Axis of Motion you’ll feel the acceleration as you take off, every little vibration as your aircraft begins to stall, and the roll as you bank to avoid an enemy aircraft.  Pitch, roll, yaw, heave, sway and acceleration; this simulator does it all.

Strap in and hold on.

Fly an F18 Fighter Jet | Full-Motion Virtual Reality Experience available on Pre-Sale now! Dismiss