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Mission Options

Mission 2.0

Free Flight over England

Start in the air in your beautiful  Mk IX Spitfire with 1700Hp at your fingertips

Grade: Beginner

Mission 2.3

Take on the best of the Luftwaffe in 1 v 1 or bring friends and try out 2 v 2

Grade: Intermediate

Mission 2.1

Free Flight over France

Start in the air over Northern France in your Spitfire.

Grade: Beginner 

Mission 2.4

Take Off and Land

Learn the art of take offs and landings

Grade: Advanced

Mission 2.2

Bomber Escort to France

Escort a group of allied bombers across the channel to their target at the Port of Calais.

Grade: Intermediate

Mission 2.5

Scramble Scramble

Get in the air as soon as you can to intercept incoming german fighters and bombers

Grade: Advanced


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