A 60 minute, comprehensive flight experience on our Mk IX Spitfire Replica Flight Simulator. 


Venture into the world of a WWII Spitfire pilot and experience what it was really like to fly one of these legendary WWII fighters. Choose to learn how to start up, taxi, take off, fly, perform combat and/or land in the most realistic Spitfire Flight Simulator on this side of the planet. Flight options will be determined by time allowance.


Spectators are welcome.


Due to the confined proportions of a Spitfire cockpit the following retrictions apply.  


  • The 'pilot' must be physically able to climb in and out of the cockpit with little or no assistance
  • A weight restriction of 110kg applies
  • The pilot must be between 152cm and 193cm tall
  • Shoulder width must be no greater than 60cm
  • Waist circumference must be 120cm or less
  • This simulator is