The SB2C Helldiver

Cool name, not so cool plane...

This US Navy dive bomber carried more ordnance and was faster than the Dauntless (seen in the Midway movie), but it's carrier trials in early 1943 saw a plethora of problems. Landing gear problems, a landing bounce causing tail hook engagement failures, wings falling off in steep dives and tails breaking off in mid-air or on landing.

Intensive pilot training helped to alleviate these problems over time, but the plane earned the nicknames "Beast" and "S.O.B 2nd Class" due to it's size and handing qualities.

The design of the Helldiver improved over time with the final variant SB2C-5 arriving too late to see much service at the end of WWII.

Needless to say, this aircraft isn't cool enough to be included in our Flight Simulator software.

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