Military flying is about fast and furious manoeuvres to shoot down, or outrun the enemy.

Challenge your frenemies to a dog fight in air to air combat, or fly as a team taking on AI enemy aircraft.  We also cater for corporate events if you’d like to have a go at shooting down your boss – we know you want to!


Air to Air Combat isn’t the only flying we offer in our Flight Simulators.  You can also test your skills with…


  • Air to Ground Combat – try hitting a tank with a maverick. Yes, they do shoot back.

  • Air to Air Re-fueling – as difficult as herding cats. Really.

  • Aerobatic Manoeuvres – like a roller coaster with wings.

  • Carrier Take Offs and Landings – awesome in the full motion sim!

  • Runway Take Offs and Landings – not an easy task in a Spitfire.

  • Formation Flying – do you trust your wing-man not to ‘trade paint’?

  • Nap of the Earth Flying – check out this link if you aren’t sure what it is!

  • Flight training - for those who want to master a particular aircraft.


Whichever way you choose, our Flight Simulators make it as real as military flying gets without leaving the ground.

In preparation for Air to Air Combat we highly recommend a prior combat flight training session with one of our experts to hone your skills beforehand - or you’ll be the first kill instead of making it.

Fight’s On!

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