The safety of our customers and staff is very important to us at The Aviator Experience. The following guidelines are to ensure your visit is as safe and enjoyable as possible.


  • Weight limits are 110kg for the static simulators and 100kg for the motion simulator.
  • Minimum age of participation is 14 years or older.
  • Those with heart conditions, epilepsy or advanced pregnancy may not use the simulators.
  • Persons suffering from contagious infections such as viruses, skin conditions or eye infections are not permitted to use the simulators.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted entry.
  • No excessive make up may be worn with the VR headsets.


  • Virtual reality may cause motion sickness in some people.
  • We have the right to eject any person/s who is deemed to be being disrespectful to staff or the equipment.
  • Customers who damage equipment through careless or overly rough use will be liable for repair or replacement costs.
  • No food or drink near the simulators
  • Stay out of any prohibited areas.
  • Only staff and the customer flying the motion simulator may enter the restricted motion sim area.


  • All accidents must be reported to a staff member immediately
  • In the case of fire or natural disaster, take the nearest exit and meet in the carpark or the roadside if the carpark is unsafe.

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