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Gift giving is not a competition... but if it was these would surely be a winner! The Aviator Experience has the perfect gift vouchers for Birthdays, Christmas, Fathers Day, and everything in-between.

Conveniently located by the tauranga airport, our virtual reality flight simulators are perfect for those aged 14 and over. We have a range of options to choose from military flight simulators, F-18 motion cockpits, and our soon to be built Mk Spitfire cockpit. Whatever your preference is, these simulations are as close as you'll get to flying real jets!


Option One

Military Flight Simulators

You’ll be sitting in a real jet ejection seat while using control sticks and instrument panels to navigate your way around an exhilarating world of military aviation.


Combine this with the latest virtual reality technology and what do you get?

The Aviator Experience

We'll strap you in with a genuine fighter jet harness as our ejection seats rumble and vibrate around as you run down the runways while firing your guns at enemies.


Choose from 6 thrilling aircrafts ranging from WWII Airbirds to Modern Jets

Whether you want experience fighter jet dogfights, intercept enemy bombers in the english channel, go for a scenic flight through France, or test your spacial awareness on a carrier landing, we have missions to suit everyone

Experience Virtual Technology like never before; this is as realistic as it gets to the real deal.

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Option Two

F-18 Hornet Motion Cockpit

If a jet ejection seat isn't enough for you, then maybe you'll need to step it up a notch and experience 'Six Degrees of Axis' motion technology that major airlines utilise for their training simulators.

Our F-18 Hornet inspired cockpit is no joke. It was designed and made specifically to fly F-18 Hornet and F-14 Tomcat fighter jets.

Combined with VR technology and specialist software, this machine is the closest thing there is to flying a real Tomcat in the Southern Hemisphere.


Feel turbulence vibration as you fly over mountains, followed by some serious 'bucking bronco' action when you're under fire.

Experience the closest simulation to flying a real Tomcat Jet in the southern hemisphere

Same technology major airlines use for their training simulators. 

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Fly The most realistic spitfire flight simulator on this side of the planet.


the spitfire

Option Three

Currently being built as a one to one replica of the Mk IX Spitfire cockpit, this VR flight simulator is one of kind.

No where else in New Zealand will you be able to climb into a Spitfire cockpit, close the bubble canopy and fly like a WWII fighter pilot.

You'll feel the roar of the engine and the firing of your guns through the seat. Forced feedback through the stick will have you gripping the 'spade', and you'll feel the clunk of the landing gear lever as you prepare to land.

If you've ever dreamed of flying a Spitfire, this is your chance realise that dream.

With a fast approaching ETA of 27th November 2020, now is the time to get your pre-sale ticket!

what people are saying

"This is a must do for everyone. So much fun and challenging too! Lots of laughs and wonderful hospitality from the team there - thankyou! The view from the hanger across the runway was amazing, and to eat and drink outside at sunset with friends and the crew was another highlight. Great venue and activities for team and/or special events." Rose, Feb 2020

"We had an absolutely amazing afternoon flying and crashing the F18! Being in the simulator was brilliant - realistic, challenging and heaps of fun. Highly, highly recommend The Aviator Experience as a must do in Tauranga."


Katie, 16th May 2020