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Full Motion and Fast Jet
Mission Options

Mission 3.0

Free Flight over Cyprus

Start in the air in a modern fast jet and try your hand at low flying or some cloud surfing.

Grade: Beginner

Mission 3.3

Carrier Landing Night Trap

The hardest thing to do in Naval Aviation.   Do you have the nerves and skill to land on a carrier at night or in bad weather?

Grade: Extreme

Mission 3.6

Air to Ground Combat

Learn the art of ground pounding.

Grade: Advanced

* Best with 2 or more people*

** Requires advanced training **

Mission 3.1

Formation Flying

Take off and use your skills to format on your friends (or AI).

Grade: Intermediate

Mission 3.4

Air to Air Combat

This is a Fast Jet BFM or Basic Fighter Maneuvers mission  otherwise known as "Dogfighting"

Grade: Intermediate

Mission 3.7

F-14 Tomcat Free Flight

Fly the mighty F-14 Tomcat and try some formation flying.  Perhaps if up for it try either a carrier landing or an airfield

Grade:  Beginner

Mission 3.2

Carrier Landing Day Trap

Navigate back to the boat

Enter into the pattern and land your jet on a USNavy carrier.

Grade: Intermediate / Advanced

Mission 3.5

Air to Air Refueling

Take off, navigate and rendezvous with the tanker and before your engines flame out.

Grade: Advanced

Mission 3.8

F-14 Tomcat Air to Air

Try putting the Mighty Cat through its paces with some Migs in a dogfight

Grade: Intermediate

* Best with 2 or more people*


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