F-18 Full Motion Simulator

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The all new full motion F-18C simulator


At The Aviator Experience

Bookings / Tickets include:

  • 90 Minutes (60 mins flight time) in a full replica F-18c cockpit
  • Ultra realism with full 6 degrees of motion
    • Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Acceleration, Sway and Heave
  • Realistic naval aviation carrier operations
    • The most challenging flying known to man
  • Automatic VIP membership for 15% off all future bookings
BONUS: Each ticket goes into the draw to win an AVI-8 Lancaster Aviator watch

Contact us today: (021) 648 699

Contact us today: (021) 648 699

Email: bookings@theaviator.co.nz

This is a limited time offer

$120 per ticket

(Only 200 presale tickets)
Usual price $195

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