Fly a Fighter Jet, WWII Warbird or Iroquois helicopter and take on the enemy in one of our six world class VR Flight Simulators.

Are you a WWII Warbird, Modern Jet or Helicopter fan? We've got a variety of aircraft available from German Warbirds to Top Gun Fighter Jets.


F -18 Hornet

F -14 Tomcat

AV8B Harrier


Mk IX Spitfire

P - 51 Mustang

BF -109

FW -190


UH1H Iroquois


Our six VR Flight Simulators use Military Flight Simulator software so realistic that a number of Air Forces use it. The latest VR technology provides amazing visuals and you'll be strapped into a replica ejection seat that you'll feel every little aircraft vibration through.


You'll run out of fuel and ammunition and you will get shot down - unless you're a Top Gun. This is no game, it's as real as it gets. 

This F-18 inspired cockpit takes Military Flight Simulation to a "crazy real" level of reality you'll experience no where else. With the six axis of motion rocking and rolling the cockpit, you are strapped in for good reason.


If you really want to walk away feeling like a Fighter Pilot, this is the one for you.

If you're new to flying you'll be given basic flight instruction and time to get used to the aircraft. When you're ready you'll then progress to combat or other challenging flight ops. If you're a real life pilot you can progress to Fighter Pilot op's as soon as you're comfortable with the aircraft. 

A flight instructor will teach you military flight manoeuvres and give you as much help as you need. You'll also be taught how to reset the Flight Simulator so you can be back in a new aircraft within seconds if you need to.

You can choose what flying you'd like to do or we can suggest something you'd enjoy, you are not locked into a set format.

One of the most exciting military flying types is air to air combat or dogfight sessions. Get a group of mates together and have a go at shooting each other out of the sky.

Groups are actively encouraged to engage in competitive behaviour. We enjoy watching pilots getting shot down as much as you'll enjoy doing the shooting! We'll keep score and the winner gets to take on one of our instructors - if they dare.

Ask us for special group pricing for five or more pilots.

The more the merrier we say! Bring your family and friends including children to cheer you on and take photos and videos of your experience. They'll be able to watch the action on the large spectator screens for each Flight Simulator.  We'll even make them a cuppa and give the kids some colouring in to do.